According to famed artist Vincent Van Gogh “It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.”

This is no more evident in the very passion that Brandon Curry expressed for the sport of bodybuilding.  It is a passion that has made him soar to great heights as a Pro bodybuilder – complete with a massive set of wings!  Reportedly, Curry’s foray into training was inspired by a Hulk Hogan branded set of dumbbells he received for his 6th birthday; as in infant it seems that Curry had his mind set on achieving a muscular physique.  Aptly given the moniker of ‘The Prodigy’ Curry is known as a true force to be reckoned with on the competitive Pro circuit; however this was something that many seemed to predict even when he was an amateur.  In his early 20s, Curry was already making a name of himself as an amateur boasting incredible development in nearly every facet of his massive physique.  A glimpse of Curry in his early days and one would immediately recognize that stellar potential, some even referring to him as a young Flex Wheeler.

Brandon Curry LandscapeAfter dominating the amateur ranks, Curry was awarded his IFBB 212 Pro Card in 2008 further enforcing his presence in the sport.  Then came his appearances on numerous bodybuilding publications and even an ongoing online series called ‘Brandon Curry: Unleashed.”  His no nonsense approach had quickly made him a favourite within the bodybuilding community, with Curry clearly explaining his training and nutrition at any given moment and free from puffery.  It comes as no surprise then that he graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor Degree in Exercise Physiology.

He is neither the overly self-assured poster boy in Phil Heath but nor is he is the idiosyncratic pariah in Kai Greene; in many ways, Curry is enigmatic and a competitor that is impossible to categorise yet one that draws much justifiable attention and praise.  He is stoic yet confident, reserved yet articulate.  When he steps on stage, the crowd is immediately drawn to him, all eyes fixate on him – an understandably so.  His magnetism stems from his aesthetic symmetry and epic proportions that would have made him a real threat at the 2017 Olympia.

At the recent Arnold Classic Australia 2017, Curry seemed to stave off any visible signs of fatigue during the final stages of the event; unlike his contemporaries, the impressive Curry had no issues in holding his poses and made his transitions with a collective calm. The vocal enthusiasm from the crowd validated this very premise, as the crowd observed Curry’s composure – indeed fitting for a Pro at the top of echelon of the sport.  There is a unique juxtaposition in Curry’s showings, his physique is massive, hard and riddled with lines – and yet his posing is soft and subdued.  He isn’t overly creative like the aforementioned Greene, but there is a definitive appeal to his more a traditional and classically inspired posing.

Brandon Curry Landscape SECOND IMAGEEven the casual observer takes note of his massive arms, and that incredibly small waist that further emphasizes an aesthetic, classic bodybuilding stature.  His midsection is already a shredded eight pack, and he is a true example of quality muscle over mass monster size.

Prior to the Arnold Classic Australia, Curry had impressive placings having garnered 8th at the Mr. Olympia (2011), 7th at the Arnold Classic (2012) and a first place in the Arnold Classic Brazil in 2013.  His success over the years may be down to the improvements he makes year after year and season after season.  None of these are purely incremental, as the Curry of the current period is an entirely different beast to the Curry of yesteryear.

Curry himself attributes much of his recent success to his training under Coach Abdullah at the now famed Oxygen Gym in Kuwait.  This gym itself has become a veritable mecca of sorts for Pro’s from all over the world, with the environment exclusively catering to a Pro bodybuilder’s lifestyle and goals.  Though he will be a notable omission from the 2017 Olympia, there is no doubt that Brandon Curry will bring an even more impressive package to 2018.  Some may doubt such a premise, yet with Curry we now know that he can indeed make the impossible – possible!