How the female fitness industry is rapidly growing!!! 


When I first stepped foot into a gym (about 14 years ago) it was still quite rare to see another female working out in the weights room! In fact, it was still rare to see another female working out by herself at all in a ‘gym’ environment! Back when I first started weight training, I clearly remember walking past the group fitness room full of ladies thinking to myself ‘am I weird?’, am I a ‘normal’ female – back then, and with my goals in mind I clearly wasn’t deemed to be ‘normal’ which became evident when a boy walked up to me and said “why are you in the weights room? You don’t need to lose weight! I’ve never seen a girl in here before that ‘wants’ to put on weight?!”

Luckily for me, I’ve never been one to get intimidated by the dominance of male stench or persona that lingers around the weights room! It soon became my second home and for a very skinny teenager who just wanted to put on weight and look ‘athletic’, its where my love for fitness came to life! Training gave me a sense of purpose, even if it meant I had to do it alone!

Now, fast forward to today, it’s 2017 and every second machine in the gym or set of dumbbells is being used by a female. The aroma in the gym that once resembled the inside of a dirty sock is slowly dissipating, and the scent of female perfume is now on a level playing field. At last, ladies are recognising the benefits of exercising and lifting weights, health and fitness has become a priority and some women are even better at it than their male counterparts!

I don’t know about you, but this excites me! In a world where women once thought of resistance training as ‘taboo’, it’s exciting to see more and more ladies becoming involved in the fitness industry without having to contend all the myths that once held us all back!

The fitness industry for females has grown immensely even just over the last couple of years. Females of all ages are becoming more aware of unhealthy lifestyle choices and are now becoming health conscious – whether it be for their family, their career or just to live a healthy active lifestyle!

Personally, I think there is nothing more empowering than a woman who can take charge and make fitness an everyday part of her life – and better yet, women that support each other in the process!

With the rise in females becoming involved in things like body-sculpting, Crossfit, team sports (the list goes on) I thought I’d delve a little deeper into some of the benefits I’ve noticed over the years as to why there is an influx of females becoming involved in the fitness industry:

Breaking the stigma:

Resistance and strength training for females is now accepted in society and the current public figures are showing the age-old stigma of “lifting weights makes you bulky” simply to be not true. Before this, women bought into this concept and thought that fitness to them was just running, doing yoga and eating very little. We now have all these amazing and influential role models and ambassadors taking part in resistance training and proving you can create the body that “you” like without getting bulky!

New forms of motivation through the media:

Rather than seeing physiques of runway models and body’s that are simply unattainable for most people, we are seeing amazing transformations of all kinds for all different body-types. The focus in the media these days, seems to be shifting and it’s not about being the ‘perfect physique’ either, instead, it’s about making a better version of yourself and nourishing your body! One of the most motivating and inspiring things for a woman is to see other people who are just like them achieve a body shape they love. It enables them to see the social proof of everyday people that have the same life commitments as they do creating a physique that they are proud of. It empowers them to then reward themselves with the body they deserve simply by making healthy lifestyle choices.

Access to 24-hour gyms and training facilities:

With the rise of the 24-hour franchise gyms, females now have a much less intimidating place to train and can fit in a 30-minute workout on the way to or from work or around family/social commitments. Even when I started training there was only one 24-hour gym that I knew of in Australia so it was hard to schedule a gym session around work and other commitments. Many times, I was that annoying person that the gym manager was waiting for to finish my workout so they could go home. Now 24-hour gyms are literally everywhere and you can train whenever you like – perfect for parents as it allows both mum and dad to fit time in to improve their health and fitness.

Social influences:

We are all molded by the society we live in and by the people we interact with. For many (male or female) sometimes our “friends” don’t want you to succeed and view fitness to be vain or self-centered. I have personally experienced this when I was younger but now with the many diverse types of social media, it is easier than ever to connect with like-minded people that you have something healthy in common with.

There are so many other factors that contribute to the rise in females becoming actively involved in the fitness industry! Overall, I personally think the shift in females becoming more dedicated to improving their health and fitness and paying more attention to the things that make them happy can only have a positive impact in the future!

I think anyone could agree with me here that by paying more attention to health and fitness (without becoming too excessive of course), can be one of the most beneficial and rewarding things that a female can implement into their life! Not only do you reap the physical benefits by exercising and staying healthy, your mental state also improves as well as cognitive function, increased energy and the ability to live a life to the fullest with the people you love!