We have all heard the saying use it or lose it, well your body is no different and getting to the gym is a great way to keep you in shape

As we age there are some common changes that happen to us. We lose muscle mass, muscle tone and gain fat mass and we lose energy and strength. These all affect the way we feel physically and mentally and also may lead to mobility & disability issues the older we get.

There is hope for us, there is a tonne of literature coming from studies to support Resistance Training to reduce the effects of aging (anti-ageing). In fact even as little as 1-2 full body workouts per week have shown improvement in strength of muscle and bones, reduction of muscle loss and improved mobility in middle aged and mature adults.

A couple of tips when adding Resistance training to your program

  • You will need to increase you overall protein intake either thru whole foods or by supplementing a Protein Powder or a high protein supplement after your training session
  • Try and space your workouts as much as you can so your body can rest between sessions
  • Increase you total water intake
  • Take your time Rome wasn’t built in a day, ease into it and don’t push past your limits initially. Allow your body some time to adapt to the stress you are placing on it.